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Lawn Care Services

As an Orlando lawn care provider, we know it's important to you that your lawn and garden be as healthy as possible all year long. Central Florida often has seasons that bring intense conditions that may impact the beauty of your lawn and garden and at My Three Sons, our team is experienced in properly treating and maintaining the needs of yard all year long.

We provide a free consultation and estimate that is customized to your lawn care needs and what focuses on a healthy root system from the ground up. Our approach also utilizes only organic, environmentally and pet friendly products to ensure a safe and fun atmosphere at anytime. 

Lawn Strip

The care of your lawn ensures the life of your lawn.

Our lawn care services include cutting, edging, weed trimming, hedging, pruning, mulching, leaf and debris blowing and so much more. We are always happy to discuss exactly what is best for your grass type and the proper maintenance and if you need anything special added to your service. Our team is ready and can't wait to help you achieve and keep the lawn of dreams!

Contact us today to get started! 407-309-0000

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