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4 Tips for Prepping Your Fall Lawn in Florida

Some tips for transitioning your lawn into a new season.

The Florida hot summer feels like it will never let up, which makes for dry conditions one week and wet rainy afternoons the next. September also means that schools are back in session and we get so busy making sure everyone is where they need to be that we may forget our lawns need us now more than ever. How so you ask? This is the time when your lawn makes the delicate transition from extreme temperatures. You can make the most of your yard and gardens by taking some simple maintenance steps for beautiful fall grass.



Believe it or not there are so many things you can do to ready your lawn, but we've picked a few simple ideas that will make a big impact into the next seasonal cycle. Florida summers are generally a very wet season which makes for beautiful green carpets of lawn all over the state. As the summer begins to end however, many common mistakes will be made just before grass goes dormant. And if you haven't prepped your lawn before this dormant cycle starts, it may be a long wait until spring before you can make the situation brighter.

1. Keep a cutting schedule

Once the temperatures start to cool off, it's very important to have a routine maintenance plan. The grass may not grow as quickly as it did in the summer time, but the key is to ensure the right height of the lawn stays between 2 - 3 inches depending on your grass type. The root system is still very active and will remain that way until the first frost has fallen. Regular mowing also ensures those fallen leaves are removed to avoid moisture trapping and light blocking.

2. Continue watering

Just because Floridians are gifted with so much rainfall in the summer does not mean this will carry your lawn through to the next spring. Your grass roots will still need proper hydration through the fall as it heads into the winter season. A good rule of thumb is about one inch of water per week. The positive note is that the humidity is not as strong which means less evaporation of your resource.

3. Aerate the soil

This is a great step because it doesn't necessarily need to be performed every year, maybe every other year for good measure. Aeration is simply perforating sporadic parts of the soil with small holes to provide airflow, fertilizer and water to absorb better into the ground. Preventing soil compaction will further nourish your lawn through the cold winter months because it is accepting the nutrients it needs to thrive. Fall is the best season for aeration because weeds are less likely to establish themselves than if this were to be performed in the spring. And remember a lawn care service can always help with this component to your lawn maintenance plan.

4. Fertilize in the fall

Your grass needs food just like it needs water. To encourage sustainability through the hardy months, a slow-release granular application is recommended to protect the roots from freezing. As there are an abundance of different kinds of fertilizers, it's best to discuss this with your lawn care service so the right formula is selected for your particular grass. Whichever product is resourced will need to include components to protect against drought, disease, cold resistance and root growth. Remember to avoid the application to areas that are close to waterways to avoid any runoff and contamination.

Fall is such a wonderful time to be outdoors enjoying the cooler temperatures. Your local lawn care service team can keep you on track and provide these services and others you may not have considered. Your lawn is an investment all year long, so delegating a few of these projects to your trusted lawn service during this busy season means you can enjoy other things.

My Three Sons CC, Inc is an Orlando local family owned and operated lawn care service company trusted by its loyal customers for over 25 years. If you need assistance with your lawn care in the Central Florida area, contact us at

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