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Pressure Washing Services in Orlando

My Three Sons now offers professional and very affordable pressure washing services across Orlando, FL. We understand how valuable your time is but also want to have a clean, refreshed and beautiful driveway, patio and outdoor space to come home to and enjoy time and again especially during the warmer months. Pressure washing provides immediate satisfaction and provides long lasting results throughout the year. We like to think of it as the icing on the cake or the final touch to a great masterpiece!

pressure washing in orlando

This great service can be added on to your next scheduled lawn care service or simply have us come out and clean up those grungy areas that could really use a good cleaning. Driveways, pool decks, patio spaces, sidewalk they all need love from time to time.

4 Benefits of Pressure Washing

1. One of the greatest benefits from using a power or pressure washer is that it removes unwanted stains, mold, mildew and dirt especially those found in shaded areas. When an area has a buildup of grease, dirt and chemical residues overtime, this can discolor the concrete, brick pavers are other materials. Here in Florida, hot air and moisture are two components that make for a prime problem in those hard to reach spaces, crevices and cracks potentially causing serious damage in the future.

2. Reduces potential health risks. Referring back to the mold, grime and mildew that can accumulate from a surface not being cleaned can also potentially pose health risks for you, your family and those beloved family pets. Allergies and other issues can be triggered due to these unhealthy elements. Pressure washing clears away all of these unsightly problems so that everyone can enjoy the outdoors safely.

3. Did we mention it's environmentally friendly? Depending on the area, just plain old water is most effective in removing most unwanted stains and grime. No chemicals or products need to be used that can potentially pose risks to anyone's health, pets, plants and garden around. This is great for those who want to stick to an organic eco-friendly approach!

4. Restores curb appeal and property value. Think of it as a makeover for your house and grounds without the expensive price tag. Boost the value and appearance overnight by protecting your investment. Pressure washing is also a great idea if you're looking to put your home on the market to increase and entice buyers to check out your listing.

Give our team a call today to set up your next service and add a pressure washing detail to the request! Let our experienced pros handle the task for you giving you valuable time to do other things! Contact us today! 407-309-0000

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