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Orlando Organic Lawn Care & Landscape Design Services

About My Three Sons

Others May Show Up, We Deliver

We are an Orlando organic lawn care and landscaping service. For 28 years, our philosophy has remained the same: provide a quality service at an affordable price. Our vision to never let price prevent our clients from receiving a professional service with organic, eco-friendly products has remained at the forefront of what we provide to our customers. This means you can feel good about your family and pets enjoying the outdoors safely.


We take our commitment to you seriously and will never waiver from that discipline. We know that your time is valuable and having a trusted and experienced lawn company maintain your personal oasis means you can get back to doing what matters most to you. Hire a company that is willing to work for you, and most of all listen to you.

What we do isn't rocket science, but it is hard work and we enjoy every minute of it taking care of our loyal customers! Let our family serve your family.

Sam Maxwell



Fully Licensed & Insured

Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

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"This gentleman and his sons do an outstanding job every time. Words cannot describe their dedication to detail and perseverance, and if it could it would be outstanding. I love my lawn and use to manicure it often I'm the guy that screams get off my lawn ,but their has come a time that I am physically unable to continue. My three sons takes care of my lawn and weeds and manicure it every week they are an exceptional crew and family. I have seen others that have looked at me as a job and not as a person. My three sons lawncare have time and presicion and care about me and my family and ask things like how is your day and is thier any thing else I can do for you. This courtesy is often loss in this age. These fine men have great service for an unbeatable price ,seriously no one can beat their price and services I would recommend to all hands down no questions asked."

Brandon Z.

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